Expose your Views to Services

Services module is a great tool for exposing API's of your website to other applications.

When we work with Services module most of of the changes can be done only in code. But sometimes clients ask to have configurable interface for GET calls we expose. For example client needs some "export" call for his another application that imports data from our site. This is where Services Views module can play its very nice role.

This article about very exciting feature of the Services Views module.

So please take a look at the demo:

Hope you have enjoyed this functionality and will take a try (and report any bugs to the issue queue) :)

There is alternative way to accomplish similar functionality -- to use Views Datasource but it will not be possible:

  • to change keys of the values
  • to add other methods to your resource. Means if you have created a view on the path http://example.com/rest/articles you won't be able to define full resource logic on that url like POST request to that url to create an article etc. For more on this please take a look at

    Services module's documentation.